Hi, I'm Tom

My initials are "telega". I am a social researcher and web developer based in Peckham, London. At the moment, I work in the Department of Art Media Research Lab at Goldsmiths where I make things with Photoshop, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and sometimes a Raspberry Pi. My research interests focus on the relationships between humans and machines in the production of subjectivity and experience.

I have a portfolio of projects here, including some examples of experience research, some animations and data visualisations. You can read some random thoughts on my blog, mostly about art exhibitions I have been to, but occasionally I write something longer.

Avoiding social media can make you happier, but you can still find me on Facebook. Recently, I also rejoined Twitter after taking a long break from it. I'm also on LinkedIn and github, where I have put some coding projects, mostly JavaScript and Processing stuff.

You can always send me an email.

I also host some sites for other people on this server, you can check those out too.


  • 16 PhD Media Studies, SOAS
  • 10 MA Global Media, SOAS
  • 09 Certificate in Web Design, Corcoran
  • 06 BA Political Science, McGill


  • 13 - ** Digital Media Technician, DAMRL, Goldsmiths
  • 15 - 16 Senior Teaching Fellow, CMS, SOAS
  • 14      Graduate Teaching Assistant, CMS, SOAS
  • 12 - 14 Freelance Researcher & Web Developer
  • 11      Digital Media Supervisor, Kova Brands
  • 07 - 09 Communications Assistant, IRG